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Q: What is laser tag?

A: Laser tag is an exciting sport game. It's an electronic version of the childhood game of tag. Indoor laser tag is played in a playing area called an arena.

Q: Is there an age limit to play laser tag?

A: Laser tag is appropriate for anyone at least 5 to 80 years old.

Q: How long is typical game of laser tag?

   A: A typical game of laser tag lasts 15 minutes

Q: How many people can play laser tag at one time?

A: Our sets can accommodate for 14 people playing at one time. The minimum number of playing is 2

Q: What is the recommended clothing?

A: If you don’t want to be easily seen by opponents, don't wear white. Our florescent lights make light color clothing glow in our adventure maze. It is recommended that you wear sneakers and loose clothing.

Q: Is safety equipment required?

A: No additional equipment is required.  Our sets are all you need for a fun safe game.

Q: Are protective glasses required to play?

A: No. the laser used in the game are very low power. The equipment used has been tested to meet appropriate standards of safety for lasers around the world.

Q: How do your products prevent cheating?

A: The sensors and gun electronics are fully integrated with each other.  When the sensor dies after taking the last hit, the gun becomes disabled and cannot fire.

Q: Is your equipment waterproof?

A: Like all electronics, our gear does not like water.

Q: How big of a building do I need?

A: We recommend 1000 square feet and up

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